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    Hey, WTF … It’s a Louisiana Team

    July 29, 2017 10:32 PM

    Story and Photos by Ron Cioffi/USTA Southern

    OK, we’re all adults here. So, when a team showed up at the championships with the eye-popping clothing and WTF on their blouses, eyebrows and questions were raised.

    According to the 3.5 Louisiana women, WTF isn’t initials for a popular vulgarity. It stands for “Wine, Tennis, Friends.”

    Yeah, right!

    Kim Juneau named this team of outgoing ladies, captained by Carol Benoit. Here’s Juneau's explanation:

    “A few times on the court ‘WTF’ came out and people said it over and over. We finally came up with something G-rated appropriate that was OK with our captain. WTF. It stands for wine, tennis and friends.”

    Well, maybe we can believe that.

    Asked about the fashion color combinations, Juneau explained, “I like the brighter the better. We came up with the green and pink. … For our other outfit, we have neon yellow and pink. We like to be bright and be seen. If you’re walking by the court, (everyone) can see the whole team. They know who we are.”

    Benoit jumped in and said, “If they are not dressed appropriately, then you play singles!” That drew a huge laugh as the team was interviewed.

    “At every team function we are dressed alike,” Juneau added. “We call it costumes or uniforms. We have cowboys hats. We have knee-high socks. If it falls on a holiday … on Halloween, we all dressed up as witches and played in that.”

    Another possible team name could be … Wild Tennis Females!